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Psychotherapy Services

At Tidewater Psychotherapy Services, we offer a full range of behavioral health and psychotherapy options. We have a diverse team of psychiatrists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and licensed therapists able to provide you with the specialized treatment you deserve.

Group Therapy

Our team of professionals offers therapy in a group setting for several issues, such as addiction recovery or relationship problems, so individuals can benefit from the support and wisdom of talking with others with similar concerns. Group therapy is a very effective way to promote behavior and attitude changes. Groups are led by skilled therapists with expertise in the identified problem. Group therapy may also be part of a treatment plan in conjunction with other services.

Treatment of Opioid Dependence

Tidewater Psychotherapy Services has become a preferred provider in Tidewater for the treatment of Opioid disorders. Those struggling with cravings and life-threatening dependency can find relief with Medication Assisted Treatment focused on reducing physical cravings, combined with daily and weekly group therapy, restoring the patient to live without physical and emotional drug dependency.

Family Therapy

Therapy that involves the entire family can be a very useful way to address emotional or behavioral problems that may be identified in only one family member or to help the family process and adjust to stress and changes. Behavioral issues in children and adolescents, substance abuse of a family member, or changes through a divorce, death, or financial problems are some of the issues that can be most appropriately treated by bringing the entire family into the therapy session.

Marital and Couples Counseling

Marriage and Couples counseling provides a safe, therapeutic atmosphere where partners can work out long-standing issues that interrupt intimate relationships. Therapists provide the opportunity to strengthen relationships and move past long-held hurt and communication problems. Raising children, blended family issues, along with infidelity and abuse, are the domain of the martial therapist.

Medication Management

Talented medication management by a psychiatrist, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner who understands the use of psychiatric medications can make a major difference in your life. Recent advances in pharmaceuticals have led to greater efficacy when treating a number of psychiatric disturbances. A specialist who tailors medications to you, your lifestyle, and your body chemistry is the reason to see a psychiatric practitioner.

Grief Counseling

Grief counseling is helpful to those who struggle to move past death or significant loss. Sadness and depression are common after death, but lingering feelings of sadness and depression may require professional intervention. Crying for no known reason, suicidal thoughts, trouble sleeping, and loss of appetite are symptoms of depression and unresolved grief.

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy is a relatively brief form of therapy based on the concept that how we think about situations influences how we feel. Cognitive therapy is recognized as one of the more effective therapies for treating depression and anxiety. Practitioners using this treatment are present-oriented and do not spend an inordinate amount of time processing past events. Your therapist will work with you to increase your awareness of your thoughts and emotions. The next step will involve challenging inaccurate thinking and beliefs that lead to uncomfortable thinking and maladaptive behaviors. Also known as cognitive behavioral therapy, it is a very helpful form of treatment and can be more effective, if needed, when combined with medication. 

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults addresses mental health and adjustment concerns. Individual therapy is the unique collaboration between a person who has concerns about their ability to manage some part of their life or emotions and a therapist with skills or knowledge about those concerns. Individual therapy is always specific to the person who is seeking help and directed at accomplishing the goals that are important to them.

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