We are sad to hear of the closing of Christian Psychotherapy Services. We welcome all former patients to call now for a new patient appointment (757) 497-3670.

We invite all former clinical providers to apply for several open positions. For a confidential interview please call (757) 275-7565.

Behavioral Medicine and Psychotherapy You Can Count On

Tidewater Psychotherapy has been in business since 1983. Dedication to the patient and their families have led to an unequaled longevity in our community.

Our Medical Practice

Our practice is balanced with psychiatrists, physician assistants and nurse practitioners to address medical problems influencing your behavior, along with licensed therapists who can address your emotional and relationship difficulties.


You may benefit from medication management, individual or couples therapy, or participation in one of our ongoing group therapy sessions. Our care team will work with you to determine the right combination to provide the best treatment possible.


You have many choices for treatment in the Tidewater area. We respect that you chose us. We do not judge, we do not preach; we listen and want to work with your unique strengths and abilities to stop the pain and help you enjoy your life.

This specialized treatment embraces a evidenced-based holistic team approach to treating clients with substance use disorders because we understand that abstaining from drugs of abuse is only one aspect of durable recovery.

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